From the Cape to the Keys...

Inspired by the east coast - from the mountains to the shoreline.

We would like to introduce ourselves –

In 1989, our family embarked on a journey, unveiling a business marked by a logo proudly showcasing two Adirondack chairs. These chairs were more than just an emblem; they symbolized an invitation to sit, relax, and unwind - preferably with someone you love. Promotional products, including shirts and hats adorned with this emblem, became a source of family pride. Fast forward thirty years, and we proudly present Hampton Hemingway, a new chapter with the same logo – an apparel brand with a mission to invite you to create your own cherished memories in our products.

We are more than just a business; we are a family that values simplicity, the art of savoring time with loved ones, and crafting experiences that linger in the heart for a lifetime. As we delved into the memories woven through years - flipping through photo albums and relishing in old family videos - a common thread emerged, paving the way for this new venture.

From idyllic summer getaways along the Charleston coast to festive holidays in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and tranquil Saturday morning beach sunrises at the Cape to adventurous fishing trips in the Keys, we noticed a consistent sense of contentment and ease reflected in the clothing everyone wore. Effortless, timeless garments that effortlessly transitioned from day to night - from formal occasions to casual moments.

Welcome to the Hampton Hemingway family. Here's to the adventures and memories awaiting you in our products. See more from our adventures and feel free to send us some pictures of your own.